Esperance Art Trail Launch Day

happy crowdThe Esperance Art Trail was successfully launched on the 30th September 2007 to an appreciative and excited audience of special guests and artists of Esperance.

The Esperance Bay Yacht Club's sweeping panoramic views of the bay, the smell of baking bread in the air and various artwork displayed around the room welcomed over 40 guests to the continental breakfast and launch of the Art Trail.

Guests were treated to freshly plunged coffee, delicious muffins straight from the oven, sweet and juicy fruit platters and freshly baked rolls with cheeses and hams.

Once the guests were replete the official proceedings got underway with Esperance Community Arts administrator Mary Rogers introducing the Esperance Art Trail's origins and why it came about.

Ms. Rogers spoke on how Esperance artists were numerous, varied and under utilised in our isolated region and this was what the Art trail was designed to address.

Getting visitors and tourists to the region to stay another day and experience the Art Trail taking home some wonderful art and great memories.

chairpersonSpecial guest Thuriyya Ibrahim, Chairperson of Esperance Community Arts spoke about the future of the organisation and how everyone involved is working towards developing a community arts programs with local artists, supporting their skills and helping to develop interest in the arts for a healthy and positive community for the future.

Chris Bennett, General Manager of Country Arts WA came to Esperance for the first time with his wife Andie to officially launch the Art Trail. Mr. Bennett said he had always wanted to visit Esperance so this was the perfect opportunity.

"The Art Trail is a great way for visitors to see another important part of Esperance. The beaches are fantastic and the national parks world class, but it is the artists of Esperance who also need to be showcased. Esperance has a huge resource here on its doorstep and it just needed a project like the Art Trail to get the artists out there'.

coach partyThe Art Trail consists of 14 galleries for 2007 and showcases artists as varied as porcelain painter Dot Franklin to glass artist CindyPoole.

Artists approached Ms. Rogers when they saw the Esperance Community Arts placed in Esperance Express in May 2007calling artists to register their expression of interest in the Trail.

'I knew there were a lot of artists in the area, but to get in touch with everyone was impossible, so I decided to advertise and see what sort of reaction I got from the idea.

The response was overwhelming with artists who I had never heard of coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. The artists were keen and enthusiastic and all thought Esperance was well overdue on having an art trail in the region. It took quite alot of organisation especially since we had a website and brochure to produce as well.'

larry'I know there are artists still out there who would like to be involved in our 2008 Art Trail brochure and I encourage them to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

We have a lot of talent in Esperance and it is great to be able to share this with other people, potentially from around the world.

The website provides visitors with a point of contact for artists as well as a way of finding out what is available in Esperance to plan with.

It has the latest information about artists galleries, openingtimes and exhibitions that are being held.

The art trail brochure has been sent out to all the Esperance accommodation spots and further a field to Albany, Kalgoorlie, Perth and the South-west.

Esperance Community Arts hope the artists get a good response from the brochure and their exposure and profile as artists increase and develop.

Art Trail Artists & Galleries

Thank you to our core funding organisations and program sponsors.