Act-Belong-Commit Art for Mindfulness Workshops #4

“Found Sound”

Online Brazilian Samba Drumming Workshops


We invite you to make some noise! Join us for four weekly online workshops, facilitated by Aly Jennings from the Esperance Drumming Group. Take part in creating a Brazilian samba drum rhythm – with objects from around the house.

Each year in Rio de Janeiro, at “Carnival”, Brazilian bands belt out the rhythmic and infectious beat of Samba music.

Music is not difficult. Your heart has been keeping the beat; ALL your life!! It is all around you. It might be the whisk beating the eggs into a cake, the wooden spoon tapping that mix around the bowl and the squeaky oven door as you slide it in.

Over 4 weeks, we will tap out a basic rhythm, adding a few musical variations, with our new found sound. On the final week we shall toss off our slippers, joining together as a group to document our progress.

Mistakes will be made and rhythms will be lost, but that is music. Improvisation and discovering something new is what matters. The important message is that we keep going, by providing a beat for each other to follow.

Improvised Instrument Ideas

We will be re-creating the sounds from the following traditional Brazilian Samba instruments using items from around the house:


Yes, the spelling is correct! This instrument is a small tight tambourine, but without the cymbals on the side. It sounds just like beating a plastic bowl with a wooden spoon!

Ganza / Shaker

Held by the movers and shakers of the group!


West African in origin. It sounds just like a metallic cow bell. It has two sounds, a low and a high, which is beaten by a stick.

Surdo / Drum

means “deaf” in Portuguese, as it makes a loud, deep sound. It is the heartbeat of Brazilian samba music. The sticks are soft where they strike the drum.

So, what do you need for your first session?

  • Choose something from around the house to substitute one of the instruments you like. Go look for something that is similar to “a sound you found from around” your house or shed.
  • You can participate through your laptop, computer, tablet or phone. You will need a device with a webcam or built-in camera.
  • You will be sent an email invitation two days prior to join our Zoom virtual session from the comfort of your own home.
  • Join us on Wednesday 3rd of June, for our first of 4 weekly sessions.
  • Session 7.00pm start. Click on the link at 6:55pm with your found sound instrument ready to go.
  • If you are new to Zoom, click here for more information. If you require further technical support before the first Zoom meeting, please contact Esperance Community Arts at or 9072 1158
  • Any musical queries – contact Aly Jennings by email or 0415 498 709

Register Now

Dates:  Wednesday 10th, 17th, 24th June and 1st July 2020

Time:    7.00 – 7.45 pm

Venue:   Online via Zoom

Cost:   Free

RSVP:   Registrations required before Monday 1st June

Complete the form below to register OR contact us directly via email ( or phone 9072 1158 or 0412 091 245.

What device will you be using to access the workshop?

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