Esperance Community Arts resident DJ shares recommendations

About the Project

When Esperance Community Arts Space is open, we are often lucky to have our own resident DJ! Zir Joseph D Young selects a fantastic range of music crossing a whole range of genres – Joe always finds something for everyone! We miss Joe’s playlists so we are excited that he is going to share some of his recommendations with us online.

Here is Joe’s first recommendation, and this is why he chose it…
Thank you Joe.

Music notes from Joe:

“I found a book from the 60’s hidden in our music room at home. It had my Aunty’s and my Mum’s names on the front page because they had completed the whole book of easy songs. Each song had a story to go with it. So when Mozart was a child he was inspired by his Pappa Hayden who was a composer who played this song.

I read this and was inspired myself to get back into playing Piano and getting regular lessons! I have a total of 64 songs that I have been working on.”