Strategic Planning & Organisational Development

Esperance Community Arts undertook a formal strategic planning process in the middle of 2018 to identify clear priorities and sustainable approaches for supporting arts and cultural development in the region into the future. This planning process was informed by the outcomes of  Esperance Arts Review and community consultation undertaken in 2016 & 2017. It is a also a response to changing economic and cultural environments in the region.

A further update of our Strategic Plan took place in 2020 and 2022.

A key outcome of these processes has been the identification of the Community Arts and Cultural Development framework and principles that continue to be at the core of our operations, and the significance of community partnerships across all  the services and programs that we deliver.

The vision and mission statements arising from this process are:

Vision: Access to arts and culture for everyone

Mission: We build community resilience through partnerships that support increased and inclusive participation in arts and cultural activities.

The graphic to the right provides an overview of the organisational values that drive our mission and vision,


Our Strategic Plan

A summary of Esperance Community Arts’ 2022 Strategic Plan is available to download here.