Our Stories: Many Cultures, Many Places

Project overview & calendar

This 12 month project focuses on celebrating the diversity of cultures and languages in Esperance. It is led by a Cultural Advisory Group made up of community members from a range of different backgrounds and areas of expertise, many of whom have personal experiences of migration (their own and/or their close family members). Learn more!


Taste of the World

To celebrate multiculturalism in our community we planned an Event for Monday June 6th, on WA day Public Holiday. This is part of the “Our Stoties: Many Cultures, Many Places”. This is an opportunity to share food and other activities from different cultures. Send us an email – admin@esperancecommunityarts.org.au – if you would like to be involved or just come visit on the 6th to learn more about different cultures!


There is nothing more cultural than food. That´s why we are sharing some favourite recipes from people living in Esperance who have travelled  from different countries. Let us know if you have recipe you woudl like to share?


We are collecting resources to show how different art forms can be used to celebrate diverse cultures and languages, to share important information and to support positive social change. Let us know if you have come across some thing you would like to share here.

World Ocean Day 2022

Join us on the celebration of World Ocean Day, June 8th at Esperance Community Arts!
Activities for kids, art installations, ocean inspired poetry and more.
It is a free event and everybody is welcome


Harmony Week

Help us planning next years Harmony Week Banners. Will be displayed in town. Do you have ideas? Let us know!!

Conversational Language Group

Would you like to improve your English skills in an informal setting and share other language/s at the same time?
Come along to our Conversational Language Group at Esperance Community Arts Space (67 Dempster St)
Hosted by Fiona Johnston, Read Write Now tutor and Aly Jennings.

International living together in Peace day

Artists in residence 2022